Nanjing Accelerates Leading National Innovative City Construction Action Plan

The Action Plan shows that by 2025, Nanjing will achieve R&D expenditures over 4% in total GDP, the proportion of basic research and applied basic research funding in R&D investment will come up to 15%, the number of high-value invention patents per 10,000 population and the number of high-tech enterprises will reach up to 50 and 20,000, respectively, and the industrial scale will grow by more than 20% annually on average. Progress will be made in the “3060” goal of carbon neutrality, and substantive results will be gained in building a comprehensive national science center, making Nanjing on the way to successfully develop a scientific and technological innovation center with international influence and a regional innovation cluster, and to become a member of global innovative cities in terms of overall innovation capacity.


The Action Plan clearly sets forth that Nanjing will focus on developing a leading national innovative city from five aspects, first, building an influential source of original innovations, second, building a pilot zone for future industrial innovation development, third, building a pioneering city with emission peak and carbon neutrality, fourth, building a leading open zone for innovation cooperation, and fifth, building a test zone for the comprehensive reform of the science and technology management system.

Source: International Nanjing

Photograph: International Nanjing

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