3000 (km²)
Nanjing Area

Jiangsu area

1 (million)
Nanjing residential

Jiangsu residential

population 80.7million
2000 (years)
Nanjing City history

Chinese city history

5000 years
100 (km)

Distance from

Nanjing to Shanghai

Transportation​ And Location

domestic lines
international lines
10,000-tonnage berths
0 million
Cargo throughput 239 million tons
One of China's top 10 air transportation hubs.
Flights to major Asian cities within 5 hours.
Flights to places where half of the world's population live within 10 hours.
1.5-hour-travel to municipalities within Jiangsu.
1-hour-travel to Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hefei.
3 to 5-hour-travel to Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, and Wuhan.
The city with the densest railway network in China.
16 highways to the main city.
Water transportation
One of the top 5 hub ports along the Yangtze River Economic Belt.
24/7 direct access to Nanjing by 50,000-tonnage sea-going vessels.
Access to Nanjing by non-fully loaded 10.000-tonnage sea-going vessels.
Total length registered 378 km.
The length of subway lines ranked 4th in China and 5th in the world.
The first city in China with subway operating in all districts and counties.

Data of Nanjing


RMB 1.480 trillion(USD 229 billion)
0 %
An increase for ten quarters running

Loan balance

RMB 3.4 trillion(USD 493.2 billion)
0 %
Year-on-year increase

Among Best Cities for Students
in 2020 QS Ranking

In Mainland China

Global City Index

In Mainland China

Public budgets

General public budget revenue

RMB 163.77 billion

Social consumer goods

Total retail sales of social consumer goods

RMB 720.3 billion

Foreign trades

Accumulative foreign trade volume

RMB 534.02 billion

Name Card of Nanjing

in the World

UNESCO City of Literature

International City of Peace

UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award

93 Twinning Cities Across the World

in China​

Top 10 cities of opportunity 2019

Pilot city for comprehensive reform of science and technology system

Key comprehensive industrial production base

Key scientific research and education base

Key transportation hub

First Software City

Historically and culturally renowned city

Happiest city in China

Ranked 5th in China’s urban business environment index 2019

Ranked 2nd of Online governmental service capacity evaluation of key cities 2019


The Advantages of Scientific And Technological Innovation​

Forging Ahead Steadily the Construction of Innovation city

208 new research and development institutions
3126 high-tech enterprises
Attracted 1170 high-tech talents

First-class Scientific Research and Innovation Ability in China

120 National R&D Platform
31 National Key Laboratories
168 National Maker Spaces
51 National Incubators

Unparalleled R&D Ability in China

1 Trillion+
Output Value of Hight-tech Industry Exceeds a Trillion Yuan
10418 Authorized Invention Patents

Supportive Government

To Increase the Dimensions of Foreign Investment

Encouragement of Foreign Investment in Newly Emerging Industries

Expand the Service Industry to Attract Foreign Investment

Support of Foreign-funded Enterprises to Accelerate Transformation and Upgrading

Actively Introduce Regional Headquarters and Functional Institutions of Foreign Capitals

Broaden the Ways to Attract Foreign Capitals

Support of International Talents to Start Their Own Businesses in Nanjing

Environment of Fair Play

Indiscriminate Market Environment for Domestic and International Capitals To Support Foreign investment in the Construction of Infrastructure and Public Utility Projects

To Protect the Intellectual Property Rights of Foreign-funded Enterprises in Accordance with Laws and Regulations

To Support International Companies to Gain Access to more Financing Channels

To Reduce Operating costs of Foreign-funded Enterprises

To Provide Secured and Livable Housing for International Talents

Acceleration of Foreign Investment Promotion

Better Leadership of Promotion Teams

Establishment of Information and Benefit Sharing Mechanisms for Major investment projects

Support Policies for Major Foreign-invested Projects

Special Industry Fund

Construction of Sound Investment Network and Platform

Set Up New Carrier for Opening-up and Cooperation

To Optimize the Allocation of Land Resources

Deepening of the Reform of International Investment Management system

To Improve the Level of Serving Foreign-funded Enterprises

Better Protection Mechanism of International Investment Rights

Better Quality of Investment Promotion Team

The Advantages of Talent Resources

No.1 in regard of the number of college students per 10,000 people in China

53 tertiary institutes

More than 200,000 college graduates every year​

More than 200,000 college graduates every year​

The Third Most Developed City in Education Resources

The Third Most Developed City in Education Resources

nanjing-One of the Four Major Scientific and Educational Centers in China

One of the Four Major Scientific and Educational Centers in China

81 Academicians of CAS & CAE

81 Academicians of CAS & CAE

156 enterprise academician and postdoctoral workstations

156 enterprise academician and postdoctoral workstations

No.1 in regard of the number of college students per 10,000 people in China

No.1 in regard of the number of college students per 10,000 people in China

Cultural Tourism of Nanjing

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